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Systemic Constellations: Healing and Transformation

Systemic Constellations, organizational constellation, business constellation, family constellation for healing and transformation.


Individuals and organizations are seeking more holistic and effective therapeutic and coaching solutions for growth and transformation. Systemic Constellations has emerged as a method to heal and transform the disconnected and problematic dynamics of systems, including families, businesses, and organizations. Originating from the innovation of Bert Hellinger, Systemic and Family Constellations reveals underlying dynamics that cause issues and problems in groups and systems and the interconnected roles that individuals play within the entangled and burdened structure.  In this article you will learn about different types of Systemic Constellations, including Family Constellations and Business Constellations, and how utilizing Constellation work can offer deep and lasting healing and growth for both individuals and the groups they belong to. 

What Are Systemic Constellations?

Systemic Constellations
Systemic Constellations and Interconnectivity

We operate within interconnected groups, each part or element of the group effecting the whole. So often with our disconnected society and left-brained individualistic viewpoint, we ignore the impact each member of a group has on each other and the group as a whole. We also ignore how our role within our Family system impacts our current role within our current day systems we belong to.

Systemic Constellations is a therapeutic and coaching approach which looks at how each part contributes and affects the other parts and the entirety of the system. In this way, individuals uncover and resolve problematic hidden issues within the groups they belong to including one’s system of origin- their family system.  Other systems include organizational or community based, such as religion, school, friends, employment, town, country or other groups of belonging.  With the help of a Systemic Constellations Facilitator, individuals can set up a “Systemic Constellation” which shows how the parts of a system are affecting each other and the system as a whole, so that previously unseen insights into issues and possible solutions are revealed.

Problems within Systems

Problems within systems can develop in more than one way. An issue can be initiated within the individual which impacts the system, or an individual may unknowingly step into a role within an organization with existing hidden dynamics that an individual will entangle with. For example, an individual may bring into their work environment unhealed trauma originating from the relationship with their mother which could manifest as a repeating pattern of struggle with a coworker who “represents” the individual’s mother. The co-worker will also be most likely repeating patterns of familial or childhood trauma with their own parental or generational wound, in a loop of unconscious repeating trauma.

Systemic Constellation

When the origin of toxic dynamics between co-workers remains hidden, the coworkers play out a repeating pattern of struggle without the ability to discover and heal the wound or problem where it began. So, the co-workers become a place holder for each other’s potential healing until they are able to see the entanglement and who and what they are representing for each other.

Additionally within a system, and we will use the work environment as an example again, an individual may feel limited, unfulfilled, or even unwanted with their role or position within the organization. An individual may unknowingly step into a role within a company that has passed-down hidden dynamics that an individual entangles with. For example, a prior employee who was employed by the company for that position was unjustly fired or the company did not give an equal pay exchange for the service she gave the company, therefore leaving an unresolved imbalance within the company, tied to that position.

The memory of the prior employee in that position and the imbalance lingers and later employees hired for that position could entangle with the same dynamics as before and could unconsciously attempt to balance or “right” the system and honor the former employee’s contribution. Again, the new employee may also be collapsing or bringing in unhealed dynamics from their own family system, as they represent the former employee while playing the role of martyr or victim in attempt to balance or heal the systems.

  • In setting up this Systemic Constellation we initially observe these dynamics: current employees are looking towards the former employees and the customers are looking away.
  • As the Constellation unfolds, it is revealed current employees are entangled with unresolved disagreements between past employees and CEO.
IMG 6597 1
  • Disagreements and imbalances are addressed, movement naturally unfolds in the Constellation, allowing for a resolution.
  • Customers and current employees are able to look at each other now and exchange energy.
IMG 6602 2 1 1

So, how does seeing the origin of our work issues and relationships struggles help? When we don’t see or we ignore the hidden underlying causes of our issues, we just relive old patterns without awareness or power to create change, deepen or heal relationships. We continue to struggle in a stuck, repeating loop, complaining and blaming our current day circumstance for why we are not happy; there is little freedom, joy, growth, or opportunity to create here. We miss the opportunity that reliving these old familial patterns gives to us- the opportunity to revisit and heal our Self and our familial system and the ability to transform our relationship to our work environment, co-workers, and the organizations we belong to.

How Do Systemic Constellations Work?

A Systemic Constellations Facilitator is integral is guiding participants to set up a visual representation of the system, otherwise observed as a living map.   A Constellation is defined as parts that represent a system, in a Systemic Constellation people or objects will literally “represent” the individuals that make up the system or even elements that contribute to the system, such as places or even emotions. In other words, in Family Constellation, by bringing in impacting factors such as religion, country or grief, we receive deeper understanding of the originating cause of unhealed trauma, pain, or separation.

A Systemic Constellation can be facilitated in person or online in a group setting where people are actually “representing” members of the system, or Constellations can be facilitated 1 on 1, direct with a facilitator where objects are used or names and words are written on paper to represent members and elements. Below is an generalized outline of how the Systemic Constellations process can be experienced for an individual when working with a Systemic Constellations or Family Constellations Facilitator:

1. Define the Issue & Intention:  The client identifies a current day issue and their intention or desire for transformation.

2. Set Up the Constellation: The Facilitator oversees the client to select people or objects to “represent” members or components of the system. The client follows their intuition to place the representatives into “The Field,” like a living map, positioning the parts of the system as they relate to each other.

3. Observe & Insights: The people representing members or elements will automatically tap into the hidden dynamics, in a sense channeling the feelings, thoughts, history, & proclivities of that which they represent.  Interactions among the representatives will unfold, allowing, the facilitator and client to gain insights into hidden dynamics and unresolved issues. In the case where objects or written words on paper is used, the client and facilitator will “stand in the shoes” of each part representation to receive the information.

4. Interventions & Resolution: Through guided intervention, the facilitator supports the client to reveal and acknowledge what hasn’t been honored in the system. Speaking healing sentences and sentences of truth, the facilitator helps the client reveal the originating disconnection or trauma within the system which allows the system to resolve, and move towards healing, wholeness, balance, and harmony. 

Types of Systemic Constellations

Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy can address a wide range of personal and familial issues, including addiction, depression, mental and emotional distress, dis-ease, relationship difficulties, limitations, and even recurring patterns of hardship and tragedy.  Often when an individual has an unwanted recurring pattern or is unable to resolve an issue despite therapy it is discovered during a constellation that the origin of their current day issue began in their family generations back- thus they are entangled with the fate of an ancestor. By exploring the origin of their issue in their family system, individuals can reveal and release from the generational curse.  Learn more about Family Constellations Therapy HERE

Our system of origin is our Family System. Family Constellations or Family Constellations Therapy is a specific vein of Systemic Constellations centered around familial and generational relationships and interconnectedness. We are able to see how the individuals members of this system affect each other and the system as a whole.  Bert Hellinger devised this modality as a way to heal passed-down generational trauma of his clients.  He observed that unacknowledged and unresolved issues, traumas, beliefs, limitations, and fate of our ancestors can be passed down within our family system affecting our current day lives.

Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, developed Family Constellations beginning in the 1970’s. His work was a culmination of various experiences, traditions, and education, including psychoanalysis, family therapy, and Zulu healing practices. Hellinger observed basic orders of life that he coined “Orders of Love” and that if these orders were in some way violated would have a lingering effect on later generations in a family. Thus, succeeding family members can become entangled in their ancestors’ fate, relive the memory of excluded ancestors, or unconsciously attempt to balance an imbalance, leading to repeated patterns of suffering.  Hellinger established Family Constellations as an effective way to reveal hidden entanglements and allow for healing and resolution.

Business Constellations

Systemic Constellations can be applied to all types and sizes of businesses. Business Constellations uncovers and addresses underlying dynamics preventing both the success or growth of the company as well as the leaders, employees, and other people involved with the business. Examples of issues include inability to turn a profit, “bad luck”, “ejector seat” positions (roles where the employees leave the company after working for only a short while), employee conflicts, leadership challenges, and company inefficiencies.  

Systemic Constellations, organizational constellation, business constellation, family constellation for healing and transformation.

By setting up a Constellation of the hidden dynamics of the business, insights can reveal interrelated components including lingering effects of founders, former employees, prior B2B or B2C customers or where there is an imbalance or unresolved issue that has left an effect on the current day system. Whether a Systemic Constellations Facilitator supports the company with a group Constellation or works privately with leadership, a Business Constellation can help coach and guide participants to clear entanglements, address unresolved issues, and integrate insights helping leaders and those they lead make changes towards balance, efficiency, and growth.

Results of Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations: Healing and Resolution

1. Insights: Systemic Constellations reveal insights into previously unseen dynamics influencing individuals and the system as a whole. Seeing these dynamics that otherwise live as unconscious patterns is necessary to create foundational transformation and change.

2. Healing and Resolution: By revealing the hidden patterns individuals and the system can receive healing of separation and imbalance, resolution of the past, and movement forward towards growth.

3. Empowerment: Consciously identifying the origin of issues empowers individuals to make changes for their greater good and for the greater good of the system.

4. Relationships: Awareness, healing, empathy, and resolutions achieved through Systemic Constellations can help improve relationships within the Self, families, and organizations.


Systemic Constellations, including Business Constellations, Organizational Constellations and Family Constellations are offered in person or online. When searching for a Systemic Constellations Facilitator or a Family Constellations Facilitator, you will want to decide if an in-person or online facilitation suites the needs of the individuals and organization. It is recommended to speak to a facilitator to determine which structure is best for you.


Systemic Constellations is an effective method to access and heal the hidden dynamics negatively influencing families, businesses, and other systems and organizations. An increasingly accessible and sought after modality, individuals and groups around the world have utilized this cutting-edge resource for healing, transformation, and growth. If you are seeking to overcome personal struggle, release from generational trauma, heal relationships, or improve the effectiveness of your business, seek Systemic Constellations as a transformative and powerful solution.

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