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Your Self.

My name is Megan

and I will be your guide.

Megan Gunsorek, Family Constellations Facilitator

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When you've tried therapy and self help but your issue keeps coming back...

Your sadness, pain, separation, anxiety, and stress living as addiction, depression, relationship issues, dis-ease, and hardships may NOT BE YOURS.

You may be carrying unresolved energies & traumas from your family's past, keeping you trapped in an unwanted, recurring loop.

You can finally FREE yourself from this generational curse causing you pain and suffering. During a Constellation, you give back the burdens you've been carrying, release from the fate of others & heal yourself and your family system.

Instead of hindering you, your ancestors can stand in their strength & resource you. Peace, love, harmony, & balance is restored. You become FREE to live your life as your own authentic Self...

Who are you?

Who are you?

Let’s take a step back and look at who you are…

You are a seeker.
You seek the truth about yourself and the Universe.
You are a healer, a teacher, an alchemist, and a creator.

You seek to remember who you truly are and why you are here in human form, at this particular time on earth. In this lifetime, you feel you are on your most important mission. You desire to you lead yourself and others passionately with your heart…

Why are you here?​

You are on the healing journey, perhaps supported by self-help and transformation modalities, psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation. And you are doing great but you still feel burdened, not fully your Self, or sense something is missing. You’ve come far, you’ve healed much trauma in your life, yet those old repeating patterns and limitations keep showing up in a new form. 

You may sense or can even identify the personal or passed-down family trauma or limiting belief that is limiting or that you are entangled with.  When the trauma, limiting belief, or entanglement shows itself, it may trigger bouts of fear, loneliness, physical or emotional dis-ease, or even depression that feels like a recurring loop, where you find yourself lacking confidence, clarity, and even safety….

What is the problem?

Where we find our gold...

If where we experience blocks, entanglements, attachments, limiting beliefs & disconnections is our gold, our access & source of alchemy, then we want to go straight to the source.

Our access is through our humanness.

Often times, it didn’t start with us- we may be carrying an unresolved trauma or passed-down energy from an ancestor, entangled with their fate.  Or through our own personal trauma, parts of us may have split off from the Self & remain stuck in a repeating loop.  We may have taken on conscious & unconscious hindering beliefs or limitations from the systems around us- our family system, the collective consciousness, society, our religion or nation, & even our friends. 

What is possible?

What is possible?

What if you could clear what is not you, and return all that is you? What if you could experience yourself as whole, complete, and infinite- as both human and soul? What if you could stand in your strength and in your Truth, fully alive, supported by your healthy boundaries? What if you could be present in the moment, looking towards the future aware of your purpose and mission here? And what if you could take steps aligned on your human and soul path collaborating with your Spirit Team and the benevolent forces of The Universe?

Is that possible?

If all the disconnection, dis-ease, limiting beliefs, trauma, pain, and entanglements are our access points, our gold, our way of returning to the Self and our Truth, then how do we get to the source?…

What are the Results?

...Coming home to the Self

& experiencing yourself this way:

When I stand with my ancestors and witness what happened, listen to them speak their truth, stand in their shoes and be with them as they are finally heard, seen, and acknowledged. I witness their own healing, as they are now able to stand in their own strength and carry their own fate- whole, complete, and at peace.   Un-entangled, I can now stand in my own strength, free from others’ fate or burdens- I can live my own life…  I invite my ancestors to stand and resource me from the love and life can flow freely through each generation after generation….. I receive this love and my life fully. Un-entangled from another’s fate or burdens- I am free.

When I give back and release  guilt & shame, “shoulds,” right/wrong and good/bad rules, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, I reveal my own Truth.  Free, peaceful, and clear, I am aligned with my authentic Self, I tune into my own resonance. Through tuning into my own resonance, beliefs, values and priorities, I am able to guide myself.  And tuned into my own resonance, I become more and more aware that through frequency & vibration, I am the creator of my experience. 

When I find and be with the lost parts of my Self, I can bring them back Home where they belong. I can then have a conscious, fulfilling, loving, supportive and healthy relationship with myself. Integrated with my Internal Family System – I am whole and complete.

I now have access to my Higher Self, my Spirit Team, and the benevolent forces of the Universe at any time- by tuning into their frequency through The Morphic Field. The most powerful source of transformation in The Universe is me- I am co-creator; I am source.

What is the New Earth?​

You’ve most likely watched YouTube videos, read articles, or had conversations with friends over the topic of “the awakening,” “the ascension” and the New Earth.  

But what IS the New Earth? And what IS this shift?  

And the more important questions- what is your experience of the shift?  How is this shift an opportunity for your conscious healing, growth, and evolution, and joy?

The Earth is undergoing an evolutionary shift, raising its frequency range. In order for humans to co-habitate in resonance with the planet, must also shift our frequency.  Our political, religious, business, family and other systems designed in an old rule-based paradigm of right/wrong, good/bad, “shoulds,” guilt/shame, inclusion/exclusion structure are breaking down or evolving as the Universe shifts into a new paradigm- that of a resonance-based Universe…  

Why work 1 on 1 with Megan?

A note from Megan:

It is my honor to tune you into The Morphic Field, facilitating a new, supporting relationship to your Self and with The Universe. My mission is to guide you to access your own Truth, to remember your soul’s purpose & mission, and to facilitate the planet & all people to shift into a higher frequency & consciousness…

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Are you ready to FREE YOURSELF NOW? Schedule a 1 on 1 Constellation with Megan of The Morphic Field.

3) Still have questions? Schedule a Free 15 minute “discovery” call​ with Megan.

1 on 1 Constellation with Megan


90 -120 minute Constellation

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Returning Clients

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4 Weeks Online Group Workshop

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Is The Morphic Field magic?

Is The Morphic Field magic?

You are… You have all the keys within.  You have the ability to heal, transform, create, and manifest. You are infinite. You have the power. You are Source. When you tune into The Morphic Field you give yourself access to unlock your own unique code and reveal your greatness, gifts, abilities, superpowers, and magic.

Your experience tuned into The Morphic Field may indeed feel like magic.  You are tapping into a tool where science meets spirituality that few people on the planet know about or have access to- yet…


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