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Family Constellations is a holistic healing process or method that reveals the interconnectedness of family relationships and the affect family dynamics and unresolved issues can have on an individual family member.  Originating from the discoveries of German psychologist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations provide deep healing within family systems, often times when traditional therapy is not effective. In this article, you will read an overview of the modality, the benefits, the experience, accessibility, costs, and other considerations of this alternative healing approach.

Family Constellations Overview

Also known as Family Constellations Therapy or Family Systemic Constellations, facilitators access a type of informational “field” commonly referred to as “the healing field,” “the knowing field,” or “the morphic field.” Simply stated, the field reveals dynamics within family systems including unresolved passed-down traumas and how the dynamics or traumas are effecting the experiences and behaviors of current day family members. By revealing the “constellation” or how the members of a family are relating to each other and the whole, participants receive insights into unconscious or hidden conflicts, loyalties, and unresolved intergenerational traumas that may be presently impacting their lives and the lives of their family members.

What is Family Constellations?

In a Constellation, physical “representations” are utilized to represent family members (or ancestors), places, emotions, or other contributing factors, in a sense forming a living map or “constellation.” In a group setting, participants are chosen to be the  “representatives.” As the representatives stand in the shoes of a family member or represent a country of origin, etc. they receive often previously unknown information on the origins of trauma, abuse, disconnection, loss, pain, or disease.

During the Constellation, the facilitator may provide “Healing Sentences” for the representatives to speak to each other or the representatives may hear and speak these sentences on their own accord as the healing movements naturally unfold.  During a one on one session, facilitators may use objects or words on paper as representatives.

While witnessing the constellation unfold the Participant who is having their family system constellated receives information on how the elements are connected to their current day impeding personal and familial patterns, discovering new pathways to healing.  While historically offered in an in-person group setting, Systemic Constellations can take various forms, including online and in-person group workshops, one-on-one sessions, and extending into facilitator guided experiential videos, and online courses. Each providing a unique and often effective approach for healing and growth. 

Constellations offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Self Awareness: Participants discover hidden or unconscious dynamics or unresolved traumas which provide deep insight into their family dynamics and how these passed-down ancestral traumas and dynamics may be affecting their lives today.
  • Resolution of unresolved issues or traumas: Revealing the dynamics and trauma origins, participants can identify and begin to heal and resolve inter-generational conflicts or traumas.
  • Improved relationships: Awareness of past family dynamics along with an active participation to heal and harmonize the family system can reflect in healthier relationships with family members, partners, work associates, and others.
  • Emotional healing: As part of the healing process, participants often process deep emotions and find closure on past personal traumas or family traumas. The healing modality provides a safe space for the revealing and processing of these emotions.

Access to Constellations can range depending on whether you are seeking individual one on one sessions with a facilitator or group workshops. As of the past several years, many facilitators offer online workshops and individual sessions, many also hold in person group workshops. There is also Constellations related content and experiential videos on such websites as The Morphic Field on YouTube, course teaching platforms and social media.Family Systemic Constellations was featured on the Netflix series Sex Love & Goop in the fifth episode titled “Thank The Past,” demonstrating a group setting facilitation.

For local workshops search on the internet for “Family Constellations near me;” “Family Systemic Constellations near me” or “Family Constellations Workshop near me.” If searching for an online facilitator try forms of the phrase “Family Constellations facilitator online.”

Costs vary according to facilitator, location, whether in-person or online, group or individual sessions. There are guided experiential videos on platforms such as YouTube accessible either through subscription or at no cost.

While Family Constellations can be an effective tool for healing and transformation, like any modality that addresses trauma it is important to approach with caution and personal responsibility.  Some individuals may uncover and feel intense emotions or discover painful truths during the process.  The modality may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with severe mental health issues.  Seeking a Family Constellations facilitator that can offer integration and ongoing support may be helpful to long term and effecting healing.

Family Constellations is often an effective holistic approach to healing and transformation which allows participants to reveal generational or passed-down hidden family dynamics. In the discovery of the origins of trauma or disconnection in their family system, participants can receive healing during the family constellation, moving conflict to resolution, while discovering new pathways for personal growth. Whether online or in person, individual sessions or group workshops, this modality offers a safe space for deep healing, self-awareness, and transformation.

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