The Morphic Field

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What is The Morphic Field?

We are all connected through The Field.

What is "The Field?"

“The Field” is referred to as:

  • The Healing Field
  • The Knowing Field
  • The Energetic Field
  • The Quantum Field
  • The Morphic Field

Generally, The Field is a non-physical plane, not limited by time nor space, which when accessed reveals the energy, information, frequency, & resonance of the Universe.

We can access The Field and observe and experience the energy & information it contains.

We can “tune” ourselves to the frequency of The Field (like tuning into a radio station), we viscerally experience that each part of the Universe, everyone and everything, is distinct & individual and at the same time are interconnected and contribute to the system as a whole. Why do we use different words to refer to The Field? Because we access The Field for different purposes – such as science, mathematics, information, spirituality, and healing.

How is The Morphic Field distinct from these other Fields?

We can access & work with “The Field” in many ways. The Morphic Field is utilized as a healing modality through our intention to heal & transform.

What is The Morphic Field?

The Morphic Field Experience

When we work with The Morphic Field, our intention to heal, transform and alchemize, and to reveal our Truth. With this intention, we establish a partnership or collaboration with the information and energy of the Universe, including our Higher Self, our Spirit Team, our Ancestors, and other life forces that can support us with our intention, for our Greatest Good and the Greatest Good of All.

When we tune into The Morphic Field, we are transmitting and receiving data, communications, energy, and frequency- similar to how a physical radio transmits & receives data through the electromagnetic field. Yes, we are always transmitting & receiving with The Universe, and when you tune into The Morphic Field your abilities become heightened, as you become a direct channel.

The Morphic Field always moves towards healing, wholeness, balance, and harmony.

The Truth is- we are all whole and infinite beings. When you work with The Morphic Field, you uncover the underlying beliefs, trauma, energy or forces preventing you from experiencing yourself as whole and infinite. With our intention, the source or origins of our dis-ease or separation from the Self is revealed. When we uncover, see, speak, hear, & acknowledge what was the hidden source of the disconnect, we can begin to heal. What was once a wound then morphs, transforms, alchemizes into a source of strength and life, supported by the forces of The Universe.

You are human and you are spirit. Tuning into The Morphic Field gives you access to experience yourself as an infinite being, remembering who you are and why you are here, while still being in human form. So that you can be conscious of the healing and experiential work you came to do in this lifetime.

The Morphic Field reveals the systems operating that contribute to your experience, such as:

  • personal (psyche)
  • social (family, work, friends, religion, teams)
  • collective consciousness (archetypal relationships)

Each is an interconnected system made up of parts that contribute to the whole. Through The Morphic Field, when we bring to light the hidden, unconscious dynamics of a system, we able to identify the resourcing components, and also the beliefs, energies, or forces that are not serving the individual or system. We set up a Constellation” which allows us to observe the systems and how their parts relate.

Each Constellation in The Morphic Field is unique. Each of you and your Spirit Team working with us through The Field is unique. Your personal, familial, and social fields, and your relationship to the collective field is unique. A Constellation reveals the unique parts and relationships among the parts of a person’s field at that moment in time. We bring to light what is in the shadow, our unconscious patterns of thought, emotion, beliefs, and behavior. When accessing The Morphic Field, we can introduce new parts to our systems, remove obstructions, and change hindering energy to a resourcing force, thus instantaneously transforming our experience of the Self and our relationship to life.

Our systems or Fields are interconnected- when we transform our Personal Field, for example, the transmutation transfers into other areas of our life through “Morphic Resonance,” which serves as part-memory, part-law of attraction. Our resonance, or frequency and vibration shifts, we become centered, strong, and resourced, back to experience our Self as whole and infinite. Then, we create and attract new thoughts, emotions, behavior, and life experience in resonance with this new range of frequency.

fish swimming in morphic fields

Science of Morphic Fields

We’ve all held a magnet and witnessed the invisible magnetic field and used a radio and heard the invisible radio field. Similarly, we can use physical objects or “representatives” to reveal the invisible information of The Morphic Field.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake postulated his groundbreaking theory in his book, Science Set Free, that we are made up of morphic fields. Sheldrake details that morphic fields are invisible fields, just like radio, cell phone, and electromagnetic fields. Morphic fields are not energy, but are organized by energy; we are not made up of matter -we are made of fields.

Morphic fields are made up of parts, which are in turn- parts of wholes themselves. For example, cells in tissues, tissues in organs, organs in organisms, and organisms in social groups. Each is part of a whole, and that whole is a part of another whole. At each level the morphic field supports the structure of its whole, organizes, balances, and maintains the whole’s form. Animals, plants, crystals, and cells are made of morphic fields.

starling birds flying in murmurations of morphic fields

So, humans and other animals use morphic fields as organizing fields, these fields form and organize our emotions, thoughts and behaviors as well as our societies and cultures.

Our family system is our originating and most influencing morphic field, we can see and feel the inherent structure, balance and organizing qualities operating among the parts and as a whole, especially when we look at the tribal aspects of our family. We can experience all types of fields- such as while driving on a busy freeway at 75 mph, cars weaving in and out, all without crashing into anyone- the freeway’s morphic field supports us as parts of its whole, while organizing and balancing.

We can see visual examples of morphic fields in the animal kingdom. Starling birds fly in shape-shifting murmurations. Each moves together at nearly the same instant. They are moving too quickly to be able to react by watching the bird next to them or by any other ordinary sensory data- the whole flock of starlings is operating through a field. Each starling is a part of that larger system, part of a larger whole. The morphic field of the flock is what links and organizes each bird. Schools of Fish, bees and ant colonies all show obvious influence of fields.

Watch a short video on the field of starlings.

Sheldrake explains, these morphic fields are systems that self-organize, create structure, and have patterns.

We inherit our morphic fields from past members of our systems through "morphic resonance."

Over and over again, the patterns of our morphic fields (our systems) repeat through morphic resonance and through repetitious process they evolve. So, Morphic Fields do not have a time and space but through resonance they have a memory and we can experience them in time and space.

The fields that develop and maintain of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals, we use the term morphic fields to define organizing fields. So societies and cultures depend on social and cultural morphic fields. Sheldrake writes, “Consider that the experience of your personal reality will vary immensely depending upon your resonance with social, cultural, psychological, and even biological morphic fields. Social morphic fields overlap with cultural morphic fields that can, in turn, influence psychological and biological morphic fields, and vice versa.”

As humans: our body parts, psyche, thought, behaviors, spirituality, and family systems all have fields. Cultures, nations, the company we work for, schools, our languages, religion, book clubs all are systems with their own morphic fields.

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