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How to Access The Power of the Morphic Field

The Power of the Morphic Field - energy and information flowing

Where the esoteric worlds of metaphysics and quantum physics meet, a concept gaining popularity questions the established philosophies & science that define time & space: the Morphic Field. This network reveals the interrelated dynamics connecting all of life, from the collective consciousness to biological life forms, influencing our personal and shared reality in a meaningful way.  So, what is the Morphic Field, and how can we tap into its power?

What is the Morphic Field?

The Morphic Field, also referred to as “morphogenetic field” was coined by British biologist Rupert Sheldrake.  Biologist Rupert Sheldrake postulated his groundbreaking theory in his book, Science Set Free, that we are made up of these invisible fields, which are systems that self-organize, create structure, and operate through behaviors and patterns.

We see a visual examples of morphic fields in starling birds flying in shape-shifting murmurations: Flight of The Starlings.

Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance theory states that similar patterns of activity resonate with and reinforce each other across time and space, forming shared and passed-down habits and behaviors.  We can see Morphic Resonance in shared or passed-down information, beliefs, and patterns in our systems, such as in the Collective, our family system, nations, and religion.

How to Tap into the Morphic Field

Tapping or tuning into the Morphic Field involves a shift in consciousness or awareness of the nonphysical realms, combined with an openness to explore the depths of our interconnectedness with all living beings and the universe. The following are some techniques to help you tap into this source of infinite information and power:

1. Meditation

Shifting the mind’s focus to be in the present moment, meditation allows you to tune into the network that connects us all. Visualize and be open to the unseen, connecting to the web of interconnectedness of the universe. Expanding all your senses, you can access subtle energies and vast amounts of information.

2. Visualization

Through your third eye or mind’s eye, utilize the power of visualization to see yourself connecting with the Morphic Field, “as one” with the collective consciousness and all of life within the universe. See and feel yourself surrounded by, and embedded in, a field of white light and eternal love, the energy of creation, which streams through this Field.

3. Intention Setting

Be clear what your conscious and unconscious intentions are, as well as whether the beliefs you have about yourself, others, and the universe, are aligned with your intentions. Set clear intentions for what you desire to feel, experience, and physically manifest. Write down your intentions as well as your beliefs around these intentions, clearing any negative beliefs that are not aligned.  Connect to the Morphic Field and speak your intentions out loud, transmitting the frequency of your emotion and words to the universe.  Affirm your intentions regularly, dispel negative beliefs, and trust that the universe has received your transmission and will match the frequency of the beliefs and words you have transmit, sending back to you manifestation in resonance.

4. Energy Work

Practices such as Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong, and EFT Tapping harness the flow of subtle energies through this Field. Accessing the Chakras and the energetic bodies, these healing arts promote balance, harmony, and spiritual alignment.

5. Family Constellations 

Also known as Family Constellations Therapy, this modality accesses the Morphic Field, utilizing the channeled information and energy to heal passed-down ancestral trauma in family systems. Participating in group Family Constellations or receiving one on one Family Constellations promotes profound personal, familial, and collective healing. Online or in person workshops and facilitator training are interactive avenues that teach you the practices of working through the Field with healing intentions, in order to access your greatest human potential. Learn more about Family Constellations 1 on 1 sessions and workshops.

What Results can I expect from the Morphic Field?

Adding these modalities and practices into your life provides you access to tune or tap into the Morphic Field. Shifting your consciousness to its infinite potential, you co-create experiences and manifestations with the Universe, aligned with your intentions and your highest good.


In conclusion, working with the Morphic Field is an opportunity to reveal the unseen dynamics operating behind systems, including the collective consciousness, and our family system. Experiencing this network provides an understanding and perspective of our interconnectedness with all living beings and the universe. By discovering how to tune into its power through meditation, visualization, intention, energy practices, and family constellations, we can break through to expanded levels of consciousness, and have access to miraculous healing and transformation.

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