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What is a Constellation?

How to use Morphic Fields

By setting up a Constellation we can access the information and healing available through The Morphic field.

The Morphic Field has a natural movement towards wholeness, balance, & harmony. In a Constellation we reveal the source of where a system is out of balance, disconnected or disharmonious & facilitate the system back to wholeness. defines constellations as “a group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way.” So, in The Morphic Field we constellate ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, people, places, etc. and reveal that EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE IS INTERCONNECTED.


Family Systemic Constellations

What is Family Constellations? Read about Family Constellations or Family Constellations Therapy HERE.

“Constellation work” and accessing “The Field” has origins in Family Systemic Constellations, founded by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Hellinger observed in The Field while working with families what he termed The Orders of Love which are natural laws of family systems that if violated interrupt the free flow of love and have consequences in the family for future generations.

Examples of The Orders of Love:

  • Every member of the family has an equal right to belong.
  • Parents give and children receive.
  • There is a natural hierarchy in a family system.

Interruptions of The Orders of Love may be:

  • Exclusion of a family member in any way
  • If a baby, child, or adult died young & they were not mourned or talked about
  • If a child was given away for adoption & the child is not honored or if the adoptive parents do not acknowledge the biological parents
  • If previous important relationships or extra-marital affairs are not acknowledged
  • Physical, emotional, mental or psychological abuse
  • Effects of war and death
  • Hidden family secrets & trauma

When the natural laws in a family are violated, the effects can be felt usually 2 or 3, and up to 7 generations later.

These effects are manifested in later family members often without any conscious awareness of what has occurred in previous generations. Present day family members may experience:

  • suicide
  • depression
  • childlessness
  • mental, emotional, or physical illness
  • addictions
  • repeating trauma

We experience confusion and powerlessness when unconsciously entangled with the destiny of another person from our own family, despite the fact that we may not have an awareness of that person who lived in generations past. We repeat the family members’ destiny who were excluded, forgotten, or not recognized in their place of belonging within our family. We try to live that destiny for them or create misfortune to lessen our guilt… Often times, what ails us didn’t start with us.

In Person Group Constellations

The Morphic Field workshops include Family Constellations, and also a variety of types of Constellations and subject matter including:

  • Family and Ancestral Constellations
  • Nature Constellations
  • Personal Constellations
  • Collective Constellations
  • Business Constellations
  • Various themed Constellations- working with your Spirit Team, Future Self, Plant Medicine Integration, Relationships, etc.
  • Constellations to reveal & transform our relationship to abundance, money, success, love, etc.

During The Morphic Field Family Constellations group workshop, one person is chosen to have their family Constellation facilitated- we call them the client. At the beginning of the Constellation, Megan asks the client what their desire is or where do they feel a disconnect, dis-ease, or unwanted repeating pattern in their life. Other participants are asked to be “representatives” in the Constellation. Through tuning into The Field, the representatives begin to naturally channel the energy of the family member, place, or energy of that which they are representing. As a representative, you receive information through bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions and movement impulses. Tuning into The Field, into your body, and following your movements, you open to receive the necessary information. Participants in a workshop can represent:

  • The client
  • Family Members alive or deceased, known or unknown
  • Ancestors who can stand in their strength and resource
  • Parts of the Self, past ages of the Self, or Future Self
  • Countries, war, trauma, religion, disease,
  • Source or God, Spirit Team, Higher Self
  • Love, healing, connection, Truth
  • In other types of Constellations, we may bring in representatives for friends, coworkers, groups, thoughts, emotions, ailments, concepts, unknown factors, etc.

The representatives are entrusted to reveal the information needed to discover the source of the issue. Once the origins are revealed, a representative may on their own say the healing sentences or Megan may offer the Healing Sentences- which when spoken create a healing movement at the source of the wound. What was hidden in the Family System is then seen, spoken, heard, acknowledged, and honored. Those excluded find their rightful place of belonging.

Healing sentences may be:

  • Looking towards your mother, then your father, “I take my life fully.”
  • Looking towards an ancestor you were entangled with, holding their burdens you were carrying, “I give this back to you with love. This is your fate, not mine.”
  • Looking towards a baby who died young who was not talked about, “I see you… You are my Mom’s mom first born child…”

Then there is a natural movement towards inclusion and reconciliation. Love, balance, and harmony begins to restore.

Often times the representatives say they are chosen to represent a particular family member because they were dealing with that same energy or disconnect in their own family system. And by representing they were able to also receive healing movements for their own family.

Many participants- clients and representatives say workshops feel magical or unworldly. The healing, supportive forces of the Universe that we work with combined with our powerful human abilities create a magnificent experience with miraculous results.

The Morphic Field Tabletop Constellation

1 on 1 Online Tabletop Constellations

A Tabletop Constellation is how we access The Morphic Field virtually, working 1 on 1 or in a group.

During a 1 on 1 Constellation, you and Megan will have a flat surface or tabletop in front of you, where will will access The Morphic Field. Megan will have a camera facing down at her tabletop, and step by step you will mirror the Constellation.

You work directly with your Spirit Team, including your Higher Self and your Guides, in collaboration with support from Megan’s Spirit Team. You cannot get a Constellation wrong and you can’t get it right. You are following your intuition and receiving the guidance yourself.

In the beginning of the Constellation, Megan will ask about your desire or where you feel a disconnect, dis-ease, or see an unwanted, repeating pattern in your life. One step at a time, we write out and place into The Field the names of the components connected to the issue, as representatives, on small pieces of paper or post-it notes. Such as:

  • Me Now (you at this present time)
  • My Mother, My Father, My Great-Grand Father
  • Abuse, Trauma, the War, Grief, Guilt, Anger, Disease
  • My 5 year old self
  • Unknown (an unknown influence, person, or energy)
  • Support, love, my Spirit Team

When you place the representatives into The Field, you place your hand onto the piece of paper and you instantly tune into and channel the energy and information of that component or person.

Megan and your Spirit Teams guide you to reveal the source of the issue. You may uncover events in your family that you have not seen before. You will see your life through a new perspective, be able to acknowledge what was not honored in your family, or speak what you could not say as a child. You will speak “Healing Sentences,” which when spoken, will create healing movements towards wholeness, balance and harmony.

Group Tabletop Constellations

Group Tabletop Constellations are similar to 1 on 1 Constellations in the process. Some Group Constellations are less verbally interactive to allow for a group experience.

Group Tabletop Constellations are a powerful way to collaborate with each other and all of our Spirit Teams. Through Morphic Resonance we create a dynamic force of collective unity for healing of the Self and for each other, that spreads to our ancestors, future generations, and the Universe.

The Morphic Field offers ongoing open topic Group Constellations and also themed Group series workshops- such as Collaborating with your Spirit Team, Meet Your Higher Self, and Plant Medicine Integration.

These ongoing Group Constellations allows you to build and deepen your relationship with The Morphic Field, your Spirit Team, and your Self over time creating a powerful shift in how you experience your Self and The Universe.