Why are you here?

You are on the healing journey, perhaps supported by self-help and transformation modalities, psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation. And you are doing great but you still feel burdened, not fully your Self, or sense something is missing. You’ve come far, you’ve healed much trauma in your life, yet those old repeating patterns and limitations keep showing up in a new form. 

You may sense or can even identify the personal or passed-down family trauma or limiting belief that is limiting or that you are entangled with.  When the trauma, limiting belief, or entanglement shows itself, it may trigger bouts of fear, loneliness, physical or emotional dis-ease, or even depression that feels like a recurring loop, where you find yourself lacking confidence, clarity, and even safety.

So, why are you here?  Something in you is telling you that it’s possible to learn the lessons fully and finally be complete with these wounds. And you also sense it goes deeper than this- that you experienced certain wounds, traumas, or circumstances on purpose- like life was designed this way.  And what if you, your Higher Self, designed your human life this way?   If your soul is here to learn specific lessons, to heal, and to experience the Self, then what if you could reveal what lessons & experiences you chose and why?  And, what if you had access to the most powerful tools to reveal this information, to connect directly to your Higher Self, and to transform anything?   If you are in resonance with this information and truth you are ready to access to the source of your power- your True Self.

At the source, you have the ability to heal, transform, and alchemize everything.

As humans, it has been in our design to first experience the self in a false pretense- that we are separate, broken, unworthy, unloved, and powerless. The genius of this construct is that we ourselves, at the level of soul or Higher Self, pre-design the circumstances of lack or separation in order to then give the Self the opportunity to heal into its opposite.  Only through experience do we learn. And in this way, we are able to experience, thus learn, the truth that we are Whole, infinite beings, one with Source, unconditional love, worthy & valued beyond measure, and powerful creators. As humans, it is in our design and a law of the Universe that we have free will whether we choose to alchemize our pain into love, our powerlessness into strength, our disconnection into unity- or not. 

If our soul is here in human form to experience the Self and to learn specific lessons, then our access to experiencing our self as Whole, Source, and the Creator IS WHERE we are feeling disconnected, separate, or dis-eased.  

Where we experience blocks, entanglements, attachments, limiting beliefs & disconnections- this is our gold, our access & source of alchemy.

So, why are you here?  To heal, to release that which is not serving your greatest good, to come back home to the Self, to consciously align with your purpose and mission in this lifetime, to create, and to serve others.

Where we have been divided in the Self becomes Whole. In this way, where we have been divided with each other can then become whole.  In this way we be in unity.

And why are you here, reading these words, and tuning into The Morphic Field?  You are about to discover your direct access to your Higher Self and your Spirit Team.  You are about to reveal you own unique abilities to heal, transform, and alchemize your Self, in collaboration with the Universe.  It is time to integrate with the healer, teacher, student, medicine healer, warrior, shaman, witch, sorcerer, magician, and master within.  To stand in your strength, present, with your healthy boundaries around you, looking forward towards the future and aligned on your human and soul path.

Where is your access to Alchemy?

We experience separation from the Self, Source, & our own Truth through blocks, entanglements, attachments, & limiting beliefs.

You may feel:

How it may look: