Who are you?

You are the one.

You are a seeker.
You seek the truth about yourself and the Universe.
You are a healer, a teacher, an alchemist, and a creator.

You seek to remember who you are and why you are here in human form on earth, at this particular time. In this lifetime, you feel you are on your most important mission. You desire to you lead yourself and others passionately with your heart.

You see, feel, and know beyond the seen and have the ability to tune into and work with the frequency, energy, and information of the Universe.

You are the “different” one in your family who held an important position in your family.  You saw and felt the harmful patterns, disconnection and pain. You also saw and felt the vast love, loyalty, and connection. In this way, your soul put you in the position to lead yourself and others, beginning with your family soul, towards healing, balance, wholeness, growth and evolution.

You know the limiting and discordant beliefs or sentences you have about yourself and the Universe are not true. You are determined to discover the truth, to free yourself from false beliefs and passed-down sentences, so that you can align yourself with the freedom of your own truth. In your truth, you know you are an infinite being of light.

You volunteered for this lifetime, to be here in human form, at this particular time for a purpose, and you are here to reveal what that purpose is.

You value healing and growth, and have the foundational desire and abilities to heal, grow, and expand yourself and to hold this space for others, so that all of life- the people, the planet, and the Universe can grow, evolve, and expand for all of our Greater Good.