What is the Problem?

The problem is where we find our gold...

If where we experience blocks, entanglements, attachments, limiting beliefs & disconnections is our gold, our access & source of alchemy, then we want to go straight to the source.

Our access is through our humanness.

Often times, it didn’t start with us- we may be carrying an unresolved trauma or passed-down energy from an ancestor, entangled with their fate.  Or through our own personal trauma, parts of us may have split off from the Self & remain stuck in a repeating loop.  We may have taken on conscious & unconscious hindering beliefs or limitations from the systems around us- our family system, the collective consciousness, society, our religion or nation, & even our friends. 

What is the origin of the trauma or block?

Family System:

As we’ve learned through the study of epigenetics and as we observe in our own family, unresolved, unhealed, or ignored traumas can be passed-down in family systems. The memory of those who were excluded or experienced an early death, war, hardships, abuse, disease, or a difficult fate may be remembered or carried by a later family member in order to honor that person and unconsciously balance the family Field.  We are designed to be loyal to our system of origin, our tribe, in order to survive, to thrive, and also out of love.  So we may unconsciously carry unresolved traumas or burdens and be entangled with an ancestor’s fate.  We may also not allow ourselves to let go of these burdens, or limitations in our family system out of guilt. The unconscious sentence may be, “I will carry this burden for you” or “I will live my life to achieve what you couldn’t” or “I will carry this guilt for what you have done.”

Examples of the source of blocks, entanglements, limiting beliefs & disconnection originating in our Family System:

Personal or Internal Family System (IFS)

During our childhood, and even as adults we experience our own trauma when parts of us “split off” from the Self in order to survive.  These parts may remain split and stuck in a type of limbo, in a repeating trauma, of trigger and response.

As children we learned from our family, schools, religions, and other systems a construct of morality and rules.  We took on others’ beliefs in order to belong, survive and thrive. While the rules, beliefs, and right & wrong parameters served us at the time, as adults we may feel hindered by the limitations and beliefs that originated outside of our self, contradicting our own personal truth.

Yet, the desire and need to belong to our tribes is so strong- it can feel like death, or a unbearable thought to break the rules, to do something “wrong” or to speak our own, disagreeing belief.  So we may consciously remain loyal to our family system while unconsciously being disloyal to our Self.  Because of our need to belong, the unconscious sentence may be, “I will sacrifice parts of myself for your love.”

Examples of the source of blocks, entanglement, limiting beliefs & disconnection originating in our Personal System:

The problem is also our access to healing, the source of alchemy.

The Collective

Most hindering beliefs, ideas, & norms we share from the Collective are in our unconscious, in that they are not distinct and we know no other way- it is just the way “life is” and what is “true.”  Again, some of these rules, laws, morality constructs, societal norms, & information may be hindering us if it is discordant with our own truth or our own resonance.  In our soul’s evolutionary growth, we may be seeking to release ourself from the confines of or entanglement with the old paradigm embedded with the collective conscious. When and only when we connect to our own Truth and tune in to our own resonance can we see, bring conscious, and lift the “spell” of the collective conscious and the unconscious.

Examples of the source of blocks, entanglement, limiting beliefs & disconnection originating in The Collective Conscious and Unconscious:

Other influences

When some people die their souls do not cross over, either there is a great fear, they are incomplete with this lifetime, or they are unaware that they are dead.  These spirits may attach to a living person, related to the person or not. 

Entities or other beings not of human origin may also attach to a living person’s energetic field.  Because the planet is going through an evolutionary shift- raising its frequency, the veil of protection around the planet has been lifted- so entities have more access to the planet and to humans.  Unless trained, entity attachments can be difficult to detect & remove and can cause undesirable effects encompassing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease.  Often these spirits attach when our energetic systems are compromised for example from alcohol, drugs, and unconscious behaviors.  

Examples of other sources of blocks, entanglement, limiting beliefs & disconnection: