What is the New Earth?​

The Evolution of the Planet

You’ve most likely watched YouTube videos, read articles, or had conversations with friends over the topic of “the awakening,” “the ascension” and the New Earth.  

But what IS the New Earth? And what IS this shift?  

And the more important questions- what is your experience of the shift?  How is this shift an opportunity for your conscious healing, growth, and evolution, and joy?

The Earth is undergoing an evolutionary shift, raising its frequency range. In order for humans to co-habitate in resonance with the planet, must also shift our frequency.  Our political, religious, business, family and other systems designed in an old rule-based paradigm of right/wrong, good/bad, “shoulds,” guilt/shame, inclusion/exclusion structure are breaking down or evolving as the Universe shifts into a new paradigm- that of a resonance-based Universe.      

On the personal level, this can feel like a messy, painful process as we are faced with our truth that the old systems, beliefs, rules, moralities, and systems we belonged to and identified with are no longer serving us. We are being asked to heal and release the lower frequency vibrations, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs associated with those systems such as fear, guilt, and shame and tune into our own Truth and into our own resonance.  In this shift, we are able to access higher frequency and states of consciousness, fulfillment, and purpose, while experiencing the soul-based Self as Whole and infinite, in unity with each other and the Universe. 

So, if we are shifting into a resonance-based New Earth, and resonance-based experience of the Self, then it is of utmost importance that we discover our own resonance and how to work with it.

You are a Resonator, you are always attracting energy, people, things, and information that are in resonance with you, of that frequency. You are like a radio, transmitting and receiving data constantly. You are creating your experience here, attracting and not attracting that which you are in resonance with. And as we will all learn more and more on this new resonance-based journey, as resonators, we have free will to choose our frequency, thus what we are feeling, experiencing, and attracting.   

Because the planet is going through the evolutionary frequency shift, the veil around the planet has lifted.  Because the veil on the planet has lifted, energies, entities, and spirits have greater access to humans and to earth. This means we want to protect ourselves and set strong healthy boundaries on all layers, levels, and dimensions. This also means we have greater access to work with energies, entities, spirits, and benevolent forces from the unseen realms.  You now have direct access to your Spirit Team.  The Universe is watching and participating as we undergo this evolution. Our Spirit Team, galactic coalitions, and other benevolent forces and beings of the Universe are here to assist us every step of the way.  They cannot do this work without us and they also cannot do this work for you. We, as humans, must do the work on earth while they can support us from the other realms.  Many of us are remembering that we volunteered for this particular mission, with certain gifts and abilities, to aid in the successful evolution of humans and the planet.

We now have access through inter-dimensional modalities and new technologies like The Morphic Field, where we can collaborate with our Spirit Team for the purposes of healing, transformation, and evolution for ourselves, for all humans, and the planet as we work together to raise our frequency, for the greatest good of All.

The Time Is Now for you to discover why you are here- your purpose and mission in this very important lifetime. To stand in your strength, aligned with your Truth, gifts and abilities. You are a leader, and you are leading yourself and others into creating a New Earth and a new human experience.  It is not yet determined and we have free will, so how this shift unfolds and what we create as a species for ourselves and each other collectively is up to us.