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What is Possible?

In this discovery, you find Peace & Freedom.

What if you could clear what is not you, and return all that is you? What if you could experience yourself as whole, complete, and infinite- as both human and soul? What if you could stand in your strength and in your Truth, fully alive, supported by your healthy boundaries? What if you could be present in the moment, looking towards the future aware of your purpose and mission here? And what if you could take steps aligned on your human and soul path collaborating with your Spirit Team and the benevolent forces of The Universe?

Is that possible?

If all the disconnection, dis-ease, limiting beliefs, trauma, pain, and entanglements are our access points, our gold, our way of returning to the Self and our Truth, then how do we get to the source?

The Morphic Field reveals the information, energy, connection, and relationship of everything in the Universe. The Morphic Field’s natural movement is towards wholeness, balance, and harmony.

When you tune in, The Morphic Field reveals the source of that which is not whole, or in balance, or out of harmony. Through The Morphic Field, we tune into the frequency of your Higher Self and your Spirit Team and the benevolent forces of the Universe who guide you to this source of what is causing you the disconnection, dis-ease or pain. We reveal: the originating trauma whether passed-down from the family or originating from the Self; the entanglement or attachment with an undesirable energy, limiting belief or person; the burden you are carrying that is not yours; the split part of the Self.

You then have access to heal at the source.

How do we heal? When we acknowledge what happened- by seeing, speaking, hearing, and by witnessing perhaps what wasn’t seen, spoken, heard or acknowledged- a healing movement begins… Seeing through the eyes of our human self and our Higher Self, we tune into our Truth. Through our Truth and through the eyes of our Higher Self, our perspective of what happened, what it means, and who we are shifts. In this healing movement, stuck energies begin to process and disconnected energies begin to move back to wholeness. Assisted by your Higher Self and your Spirit Team, you can now identify and clear the energies, beliefs, and burdens that no longer serve your greatest good.

At this access point of what was the source of trauma and pain, there is now an opening, a clearing, a space. In this clearing, tuned into The Morphic Field and your Higher Self and Spirit Team, you viscerally feel that what was separate from you, blocked, or hidden now wants to return. Split parts of your Self, love, your Truth, your voice, your heart, your strength, your creativity, your joy- who you truly are can now return to the Self.

And as what is YOU returns to you, you feel yourself returning to your Wholeness.

You feel yourself coming home to the Self. You feel your power returning, your voice stronger, and your truth restored. Your perspective on the past as what occurred as a debilitating hindrance and source of pain shifts into seeing the trauma or pain as a gift- your access to heal yourself, remember who you are, and awaken to your Truth.

As you return to the Self- you begin to tap into, to see, feel, and know so clearly- your Greatness. That what you once saw as a weakness is actually your superpower. That what was once hindering you can now resource you. And in your Truth, you discover that before you came into this lifetime you designed a life to experience the separation of the Self in this way, so that you could experience the coming back to Wholeness. That you chose your parents, your family, your abilities and even particular circumstances so that you could set yourself up to learn lessons, experience the Self, and live your mission here. In this discovery, you find peace…

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