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What are the Results?

...Coming home to the Self

& experiencing yourself this way:

When I stand with my ancestors and witness what happened, listen to them speak their truth, stand in their shoes and be with them as they are finally heard, seen, and acknowledged. I witness their own healing, as they are now able to stand in their own strength and carry their own fate- whole, complete, and at peace.   Un-entangled, I can now stand in my own strength, free from others’ fate or burdens- I can live my own life…  I invite my ancestors to stand and resource me from the love and life can flow freely through each generation after generation….. I receive this love and my life fully. Un-entangled from another’s fate or burdens- I am free.

When I give back and release  guilt & shame, “shoulds,” right/wrong and good/bad rules, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, I reveal my own Truth.  Free, peaceful, and clear, I am aligned with my authentic Self, I tune into my own resonance. Through tuning into my own resonance, beliefs, values and priorities, I am able to guide myself.  And tuned into my own resonance, I become more and more aware that through frequency & vibration, I am the creator of my experience. 

When I find and be with the lost parts of my Self, I can bring them back Home where they belong. I can then have a conscious, fulfilling, loving, supportive and healthy relationship with myself. Integrated with my Internal Family System – I am whole and complete.

I now have access to my Higher Self, my Spirit Team, and the benevolent forces of the Universe at any time- by tuning into their frequency through The Morphic Field. The most powerful source of transformation in The Universe is me- I am co-creator; I am source.

When you tune into & work with The Morphic Field your experience of your Self & The Universe shifts. 

What Happens:

How it Feels:

When you do the work for yourself, the healing spreads to your entire family system. 

Through this work, you not only heal, transform, & empower yourself. If you facilitate the healing, completion & crossing over for an ancestor who was excluded & stuck in their trauma, that ancestor can then become un-entangled with a family member other than yourself.  We are all interconnected.  Not only does the flow of love, life force, & resources spread through the family system, you facilitate this healing beyond into the collective and for the Greater Good and evolution of the Universe. 

Why is facilitating healing for our family, for the Self, and for others so important right now?

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