The year long customized 1 on 1 program is catered to your journey. It is the unfolding of your Future Self,
developing of your facilitating abilities, and supporting yourself regularly through Constellations every step of the way. When we work in partnership with The Field together, you create a forum through which your team on The Other Side can actively work with you during your Constellations and in the time in between Constellations. Expect to know and be your whole self at a new level, to open your intuition and guidance, and feel supported by The Other Side. We Constellate whatever blocks are showing up, or areas of disconnection or repeating negative patterns- releasing you from what is not serving your greatest good.
Each Shamanic Tabletop Constellation is 60-90 minutes and are either monthly or twice a month, depending on your integration process and what calls to you.
This is not for everyone, it has to be the right timing and as you and I will create a co-journey together over the year, it has to be the right fit. In order to be considered for this program, please contact Megan to schedule an interview.

For the year long journey, each Constellation is $150, pay as you go.


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