Creating a Life Path to your Future Self
Constellation work is cumulative. Each Constellation works at the gentle soul level and creates lasting shifts in all areas of your life. A Constellations causes healing and movement in your Field which spreads into the past, to your Ancestors and shifts the course of your future. Typically during your first few Constellations we will be clearing out Ancestral Entanglements, Spirit Attachments, and any other burdens that are not yours to carry or spirits which do not belong in your Field. We will find your Lost Parts, retrieve Soul Parts and facilitate re-integration. At a point during these sessions, the lingering past has moved on and a new space begins to emerge in your Field. In this space your Future Self arises. Your Future Self shows up as an internal guide for your journey.

3 Constellations Package consists of 3 90-minute Shamanic Tabletop Constellations.

$699 ($233/session pay after each session)


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