The night Megan met her Future Self in a prophetic dream, she made it
her life’s work to guide others in becoming their Future Self— bringing
into focus what they could not see on their own. Welcome to another
dimension, The Morphic Field


I am able to facilitate others along their magical journey to their Future Self
because I first took one myself. A few years ago I was in living in Ohio when
I hit an “all time low”— I was experiencing an incredibly stressful situation
and became physically sick with seizures, anxiety attacks, spent time in
the hospital with serotonin toxicity, you name it, I had it. And after many
successful but unfulfilling career pursuits- Financial Controller, Restaurant
Owner, Magazine Columnist— I was feeling directionless. I so desperately
wanted to find “my thing” in this world.


So I imagined myself with my own business again, but this time feeling
fulfilled, happy, healthy, helping others using all of my talents, and with
financial success. I KNEW that future was possible. I could sense that one
day I would find it, but I didn’t know what “it” was or how to even go about
tapping into it.


Slowly, I began getting my health back on track when my husband and I
decided to divorce. We agreed that what he wanted for his future was not
what I wanted for mine. This moment was rock bottom and I felt like I had to
let life and everything go. So I got on my knees and begged for help.


Soon after, I had a prophetic dream where I met my Future Self– and she
had messages I needed to hear (as well as images of what was to come.
Her guidance resonated so deeply that the next morning it wasn’t even a
consideration not to follow her instructions.


So I began this guided journey, which began with me selling everything
from the life I knew in Ohio, saying good-bye to family, and packing the car
with my dogs to follow the guidance my Future Self and The Other Side had
shared with me. I was on my way to San Diego, a place I had never been, but
knew somehow held my fate.


As if I was following the “big red flashing EXIT HERE” my guides led me to
Encinitas, California (I shortly after found out Encinitas is an energetic
vortex and spiritual mecca) where the unfolding of this magical co-created
journey to my Future Self continued.


My intuition heightened and clearer messages seeped into my life via
synchronicities, coincidences, dreams, and simple internal knowing. And it
was here that The Morphic Field and I began to openly work together. I was
called to train to be a facilitator of Family Systemic Constellations, which is
a German modality founded by Bert Hellinger, that heals trans-generational trauma by
accessing The Field. I was first introduced to this work 10
years prior, and as I now know, coincidences are not random. I wasn’t
ready to facilitate back then, as I had more life to experience and healing
and wisdom to gather. But when it crossed my path again, I was ready.


In my new home in the desert, I took the time and care I deserved and
worked on myself. I transformed my ancestral, familial, and personal
trauma, as well as my health. And for the first time in my life, I was truly


In the midst of my training, I was shown that a big piece of my purpose was
to expand Hellinger’s work— expanding it beyond the traditional ancestral
healing of Family Systemic work by incorporating my shamanic abilities
and helping others to become their Future Self. I believe I was taken on this
journey to Become My Future Self so that I can now facilitate others to take
their journey to become theirs.


Though the road there was difficult and often confusing, I am now the
Future Self that I met in that first prophetic dream— beautiful, healthy, fit,
sexy, happy, successful, peaceful, trusting, wise, and fulfilled. I am grateful
every day for the gift I received, and feel blessed to help others connect to
Source and Helpers through a more direct and gentle path.