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Family Constellations Online: Virtual Healing

Family Constellations online

Family Constellations therapy is a powerful modality for healing and transforming personal and familial issues and uncovering the repeating origins of generational trauma. Initially, Family Constellations was facilitated in a group setting and in person, today’s virtual technology has shifted the work online, allowing for more accessibility world-wide.  In this article, we dive into Family Constellations online, the benefits, and how to access the virtual workshops, individual sessions, and training programs to fit your needs.

What is Family Constellations Therapy?

Family Constellations is a holistic healing approach that reveals the interconnectedness of family relationships and the affect family dynamics and unresolved issues can have on an individual family member and the family as a whole.  Developed by German psychologist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations provide deep healing within family systems, often times when traditional therapy is not effective at revealing the origin of the unhealthy recurring patterns.  Through accessing “The Healing Field” which reveals the interconnectedness of family systems, participants discover the hidden origins of passed-down traumas, issues, and dis-ease, and can heal and transform what are often times overwhelming life-long struggles, finding a resolution and sense of peace.

Evolution of Online Family Constellations

Evolving technology has shifted how Family Constellations therapy is provided to both individuals and groups.  Family Constellations online offers equally effective revelations and healing as in-person group or in-person individual sessions allowing for a greater convenience and accessibility. Participants can work with Family Constellations online facilitators from the comfort of their homes, from any location in the world, allowing for greater access to this profound modality.  Family Constellations facilitators from around the globe offer varied approaches, experience, and perspectives so participants now have more options to find the facilitator with whom they resonate.

Online Family Constellations Benefits

1. Accessibility

Just as “The Healing Field” reveals the interconnectedness of Family Systems, virtual Family Constellations brings greater interconnectedness and access to healing and transformation. Individuals from all over the world can deepen their personal and collective healing regardless of geographic location. Family Constellations online are especially helpful connecting participants who live in areas where group workshops or individual sessions are not available.

2. Convenience

Family Constellation virtual sessions or group workshops are convenient- no need to travel or leave the comfort of your home, saving time and resources allowing for greater ease, efficiency, and flexibility in scheduling and structuring sessions or programs into daily routine.  

3. Comfort

Being in the comfort of your own home, in familiar surroundings can enhance the healing process.

4. Training

Many online Family Constellations Facilitators who offer individual Family Constellations sessions online use tools and techniques to access “The Healing Field” which can be extra beneficial to participants who are seeking Family Constellations Facilitator training or simply seeking to access “The Healing Field” for their own personal purposes. Tabletop Constellations using objects to represent family members or written words on pieces of paper are methods facilitators use during virtual sessions that participants can utilize and practice on their own.   

Types of Online Family Constellations

1. Online Workshops or Events

Family Constellations workshops online are in a group format.  The styles, techniques, and experience of these group workshops vary depending on the Family Constellations facilitator.  During a workshop, a participant may have their family system constellated while other participants “represent” family members of that person.  In Tabletop Family Constellations, each participant constellates their own personal constellation, writing representations on post-it notes while following the guidance of the facilitator.    

2. Individual Sessions

1 on 1 Family Constellations online is a personalized experience where a Family Constellations facilitator can tailor a session or a program to your needs. Individual sessions allow for a deeper, intimate access to healing, guidance, and integration over time.

3. Online Training Programs

Whether one is interested in learning to facilitate for their own personal healing or to facilitator others, Family Constellations online training is a valuable and convenient solution. Facilitators offer a variety of Family Constellations training online teaching the history, principles, tools, and applications of this modality.  Individual facilitator training and group training are available, to suit the needs of each participant. Abilities, training, and style of the facilitator vary, so seek a facilitator and a program that suits your needs.

How to Participate in Family Constellations Online

1. Choosing Family Constellations Facilitator: Family Constellations or Family Constellations online is not a certified or credentialed profession, so look for experienced Family Constellations online facilitators with whom you resonate. Research their work, style, and read their reviews. Each facilitator has their own unique abilities and style. Some facilitators are more traditional, others have a more spiritual coaching and holistic approach. Some Family Constellations online training programs may provide a certification of completion.

2. Before the Session: You may receive information from your Ancestors and insights into your family system before your session, be conscious of what you tune to as it often relates to what will be revealed in your session.

3. Prepare The Space: Sessions are usually held through an application like Zoom or Skype. During a session, you will want to be in a quiet, uninterrupted space, with good internet connection, audio and visual. Facilitators will have specific instructions as to how they and you will set up the representations during the constellations.

4. Engagement: Whether in a group or individual session- be open-minded, open-hearted, and participate actively.

5. Integrate: After your Family Constellations online session, allowing the healing movements to unfold while gently reflecting on releasing what no longer serves you will support you in your integration. The healing movements will create a space for new ways of being and new perspectives to appear.  Consider follow-up sessions as desired.

Quotes on Family Constellations

– “The soul wants to heal. It wants to experience peace. Family Constellations open the door to this healing.” – Bert Hellinger

– “One of the most meaningful of Bert Hellinger’s discoveries is that children “take on” the feelings and behaviors of older family members. They may hold on to these feelings and behaviors- which are not actually their own- for an entire lifetime.” – Bertold Ulsamer


Family Constellations online is a convenient and effective way to heal and transform personal issues, repeating family dynamics and generational trauma.  Virtual workshops, 1 on 1 sessions, and training programs offers a choice of facilitators and programs from around the world, giving flexibility, efficiency, and comfort to the participants logging in remotely.  Working with this powerful modality, you can reveal hidden origins of lifelong issues, release patterns, heal generational trauma, and pave the way for deep healing and growth for yourself and your family.

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