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Ancestor Healing: Heal the Past, Transform the Present

Ancestor healing and Ancestral Healing: supporting and resourcing

In today’s society many separate from the past in order to “overcome” their challenges in attempt to survive and succeed in a competitive world. Our ancestors and their stories are often overlooked and forgotten as a source of strength, healing, and wisdom.  Despite our lack of awareness, our ancestors’ love and strengths, as well as their pain and wounds live on within us, shaping our beliefs, thoughts, health, & experiences.  Ancestor healing is a sacred journey into the depths of our family’s past to acknowledge what happened, heal generational trauma & un-entangle from the fate of our ancestors. Below, we will dive into ancestor healing, explore tools for healing ancestral trauma, and learn how to honor our ancestors through prayer and mediation.

Understanding Ancestor Healing

The practice of ancestor healing embraces discovering, acknowledging, honoring, and healing the separation, exclusion, and traumas passed down through our ancestral lineage, in both our biological mother and father lines.  Our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and those who came before them lived lives of joy and pain, success and hardship, which left an imprint on our family soul.  These imprints flow through time passing down the generations through morphic resonance, impacting our relationships, limitations, loyalties, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.

Embarking on an ancestor healing journey we tap into our ancestors’ learned wisdom and resources.  We awaken to who we are, where we came from, and free our self from reliving our ancestor’s fate or patterns of limitations and suffering.

How to Heal Ancestral Trauma

To heal ancestral trauma, one must be willing to discover and look at the wounds, abuse, suffering, burdens, choices, and personalities of their relations. Often, painful or “shamed” trauma was not talked about or became hidden family secrets. Bravery to step into the unknown and reveal what is hidden in our family is necessary for the ancestor healing journey, shining a light on that which has been in the shadows becomes our access to the truth, healing, and freedom. 

Practical Tools for Healing Ancestral Trauma

– Family Constellations: This holistic modality utilizes a healing ancestral “Field” revealing the hidden origin of generational trauma to restore balance & harmony in the family system.  In a Constellation, clients and their family members who are not even present, receive profound deep healing and transformation.  The Morphic Field is a Family Constellations modality which facilitates ancestor healing.

– Rituals and Ceremonies: Engage in ancestral rituals or give offerings to the ancestors either in group ceremony or in private ceremony to connect with your ancestors. For those called to explore other sacred avenues, ceremony with plant medicine facilitated by a shaman or trained sitter can assist you with gaining insight into your inherited wounds and provide a space for healing. is an organization that certifies trained sitters.

– Altar: Build your own personal altar with ancestor photos, candles, crystals, & sentimental items from your ancestors.  Meditate in front of your altar, resonate in gratitude for their guidance and support.  In meditation, visualize divine white light and love flowing through each generation to you, as each ancestor connects to their divinity.  See this divine white light also in the items representing your ancestors on your altar.

– Inner Child Healing: An important complement to ancestral healing is acknowledging our own wounded inner child who may have taken on ancestral burdens. Through modalities that utilize inner child healing such as family constellations or Internal Family Systems (IFS) you help your Inner Child by removing them from these energetic burdens while feeling empathy, love, kindness, and support for your young self.

– Ancestor Prayer for Healing: Ancestor prayer can help you deepen the ancestor healing relationship with your ancestors while receiving messages and felt sense of guidance and support.  Make the prayer uniquely yours, coming from your heart, extending to your ancestors’ hearts.  Feel your ancestors resourcing you, supporting you from behind as they stand in their own strength, carrying their own fate. Receive fully the blessings and gifts they have passed down to you. Express gratitude for the passing on life through your family.  Ask them to send you and your family many blessings from the other side. Being open to receiving messages and having a dialogue with your ancestors will deepen your relationship.


The joy, strengths, struggles, and pain of our ancestors live within us.  Ancestor healing is a journey where we welcome the wisdom, resources, and resilience of our ancestral lineage, honoring those who came before us by healing what was unresolved in their lifetimes.  We shift how we look at the past, transforming our present experience, creating a supported future for ourselves and future generations. By implementing ancestral healing techniques, we deeply connect, heal, resource, and strengthen the relationship with have with our self and our ancestors as we journey through life.

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