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About Megan

Megan Gunsorek of The Morphic Field, sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean in Puerto Rico

A note from Megan:

It is my honor to tune you into The Morphic Field, facilitating a new, supporting relationship to your Self and with The Universe. My mission is to help you FREE yourself from pain and suffering, so that you can access your WHOLE SELF, and remember your soul’s purpose, and to facilitate the planet & all people to shift into a higher frequency & consciousness.

About Megan

Megan is a seeker- passionate about seeking the Truth, in discovering the Self, and revealing the purpose of why we are all here on this planet so that we can serve our Self, each other, and the greatest good of All.

Megan has been called a galactic magician and a wizard. Working through The Morphic Field, in collaboration with her Spirit Team and yours, she gets to the source and facilitates the release of spells, coding, and programming no longer serving you, your family, or The Universe.  A clearing and space is created.

In this space, she guides you to add new coding and programming of higher frequencies for the purpose of evolution for your Greatest Good.

Through her work as a medium, Megan communicates to deceased humans and other non-physical beings. With the assistance of her Spirit Team and the Spirit Team of the deceased, she is able to facilitate the crossing over of souls who are stuck in this realm so that they return home, and so that they and the living may be at peace.  In other cases, Megan facilitates the removal of attachments or entities who do not belong in this realm & are causing a person distress or sickness.

“I was an emotional and sensitive child. For many years I believed my emotions and sensitivity was a problem- something to hide, and to “overcome”.  I spent years searching how to fix myself. 
As a child, my big heart was so tuned into the emotions of my family members- my mom, dad, brother, & sisters. I wanted so much for them to be happy.  So as a child, I thought I felt their pain for them, suffer for them, that my suffering would alleviate their pain & so that they would love me. 

And this patterned continued into adulthood, when I continued to “give or sacrifice parts of myself” – to my family, in relationships, and in work. Essentially saying, “I will put my needs aside to help you feel better and so that you can fulfill your dreams.

I didn’t know what boundaries were, & I felt powerless with a deteriorating lack of confidence.  I was so entangled with others that no wonder I was unclear who I was &  what I was supposed to be doing in my life, I felt lost.

And then I also kept noticing how I seemed to be reliving similar issues from my family’s past- like relationship patterns, financial struggles, even legal situations that felt eerily similar to what my Grandparents & Great-Grandparents experienced.
  I remembered the moment, when my Grandma flashed in my mind, and I realized  I was reliving the same struggle and feeling the same pain that my Grandma must of felt in her marriage.   And I thought, “Am I in this relationship to heal or finish something my Grandma couldn’t?”   I had to ask myself, “why am I living my life for others?”

It wasn’t until I discovered Family Constellations & began to work with this healing modality of The Morphic Field that everything became clear and began to shift.  Through The Morphic Field I discovered the origins of the limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, disconnection and pain that I was feeling.
And a lot of these origins didn’t even start with me- there were passed down in my family (no wonder I couldn’t get to the bottom of the struggle; it wasn’t even mine)
Through The Morphic Field, I was finally able to discover the origin of these wounds. If I was carrying something for my Ancestors- I was able to discover that Trauma &  help my Ancestors heal. So instead of them feeling like a heavy weight that I was carrying I could actually feel their energy become lighter and then feel them supporting & resourcing me. AND release myself from living their lives or trying to achieve their dream….. 
Where I had sacrificed parts of myself, or given my energy to others,  I was able to bring those parts back, to heal, make myself Whole again, and (this was new for me) to create really strong, healthy supportive, loving and safe boundaries for myself and in relation to others.   Such that I could love freely within those boundaries.”

Since graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Fine Arts, Megan has studied, participated, and trained in numerous healing and transformational modalities including Landmark Education, Lifestream, MITT, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Certified Reiki Level 1, plant medicine, and Family Systemic Constellations. In addition, she has self-studied and has experience working with practitioners in psychotherapy, EMDR, past life regression, and other healing modalities.   An avid practitioner of meditation and yoga, Megan works daily with the healing forces of nature.

In 2007, Megan participated in her first Family Constellations workshop which was a pivotal experience.  Prior to the workshop, she had been consciously accessing “The Field” in other ways such as when she was creating artwork, but it was during this workshop that she experienced the most powerful, instantaneous healing and transformation by accessing this same Field.    

2007-2017 Megan participated in hundreds of Family, Systemic, and Business Constellations as both client and representative. She received private 1 on 1 Systemic Constellations training, and completed an Advanced Family Systemic Constellations course, taught in the lineage of Bert Hellinger.

In 2017, Megan founded The Morphic Field, and began facilitating others. Each Facilitator trained in Family Constellations brings their own abilities and intuition, a unique relationship to The Field. Many facilitators are traditional in their approach and such is the information they receive and work with during Constellations. Megan is not a traditional facilitator. As a channel and medium, her abilities allow for a direct working relationship with her Spirit Team and the forces that support our healing through The Field. In this way, she also has the ability to help others tune themselves into the frequency of their Spirit Team- so that they themselves become a direct channel.

Megan sees you in your Wholeness and your Greatness, as Source.

When Megan works with you, she sees what beliefs and energies are causing you pain, or what parts of yourself are lost and preventing you from experiencing yourself in your Wholeness, Greatness, as Source. She holds space for you, guiding you to discover the Truth for yourself so that YOU heal and transform YOURSELF.  So, Megan does not do the work for you. She holds space so that you can stand in your own strength, speak your own Truth, and heal, transform yourself.   

Why work 1 on 1 with Megan?

How is working 1 on 1 with Megan different?  When you work with Megan- you are not being told what to do by another person, “guru” or healer; somebody else isn’t in control of your healing or doing the work for you. Megan holds space so that YOU get to answer your own questions by hearing your own Truth, you tune into what works for you, aligned with your Authentic Self.  You get to experience yourself as the healer, alchemist, medium, facilitator, and through your own wisdom, power, and Truth, and create a life you love.

Megan Gunsorek at 4 years old

When we welcome back into our Internal Family System our separate, shunned, & lost parts we return Home to the Self: Whole, present, & alive.

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